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This morning, Russian Aircraft Carrier & Submarine were Sunk By Bayraktar TB2 Drone: MiL SiM ARMA-3

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This morning, a Russian Aircraft Carrier with carrier-based aircraft, patrol boats, support ships, and nuclear submarines were Sunk By a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drone in the military port: MiL SiM ARMA-3 Game Play ⚠ It's Arma 3 Gameplay video ⚠ Thank You for watching! For more videos Like and subscribe! 'This video was created using the content of Bohemia Interactive A.S.' 'Copyright © 2020 Bohemia Interactive A.S. All Rights Reserved.' 'See for more information.' anti tank, airplane, american, afghanistan war, american, arma 3 ac 130, arma 3 ah-64, arma 3, apache, arma 3 convoy, arma 3 desert map, arma...
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