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Mil Mi-35P Attack Helicopter ( Variant 2019 - "Phoenix" )

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Support / Поддержка: Donationalerts - Paypal - Teespring Store - Webmoney USD - Z789416365352 Webmoney EUR - E518067593070 Webmoney RU - R788497986526 Russian Helicopters holding has developed a common standard for Mi-24 modernization designated as Mi-35P. The Mi-35P has received the OPS-24N-1L observation-sight system with a third generation long-wave matrix thermal imager, TV camera, and laser rangefinder. The upgraded gunship’s cockpit has the KNEI-24E-1 flight navigation system with multifunctional displays. The PKV-8-35 digital flight system increases the helicopter’s manoeuvrability and steadiness. The modernised gunship is also fitted with the updated PrVK-24-2 targeting system, which allows the use...
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