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Dragon Fli Empire - Overtime

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"Overtime" is the second single from Dragon Fli Empire's "Banff Avenue" 2020 album and compares DFE's longevity in the music game to reaching OT. FREE DOWNLOAD: STREAMING LINKS: Directed by Oliver Banyard - Production & Cuts by DJ Cosm Rhymes by Teekay Mixing/Mastering by Nato at Up in Arms Studio #CanadianHipHop #Basketball #Calgary #boombap #undergroundhiphop LYRICS --- More to go, though the quarter is the fourth one, Gettin' overlooked with my raps, "we the north" son, Much less support courtin' VideoFACTors Some of y'all still think I'm talking 'bout the Raptors, I'm talking Northside Rappers, and DJs...
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